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Proposal Ideas

Couple on the Beach
Wedding Couple in Nature

Proposals are as unique as the people involved.  It can be as simple as a spur of the moment question at the end of a perfect day, or as elaborate as a surprise party with family and friends.  Whatever you choose, that moment will be a forever memory.  If you'd like some ideas check out the list below.

Playful Couple


Schedule a photo shoot at your favorite spot or a place that's special to you both and when the shot is about to be taken, drop down on one knee.  As a bonus you'll have a candid shot of the moment to keep forever.

Dancing Couple

                                          May I have this dance?

Take her out dancing and request to have "your song" played and dedicated to her, then drop down on one knee.  If you don't have a song of your own, choose one that you love because this moment will make it "yours" forever.

    Photo Shoot Proposal


If she loves the sand and the surf, take her to the ocean, the lake, or set up a kiddie pool in your back yard.  Write your proposal in the sand ahead of time and sprinkle some rose petals in the shape of a heart around it. When you walk up to it, and she comments on it, break out the ring.

Beach Proposal

Romantic Dinner


Arrange for a chef to cook the two of you a private dinner.  Tell her how you feel about her during dinner, then have the ring served with dessert or have your proposal spelled out in glow in the dark stickers on your ceiling and then dim the lights...

                                                 Dinner and Dessert

Happy Couple


Call us ahead and set an appointment to work directly with a designer for a one of a kind experience.  We can arrange to have hors d'oeuvres, flowers and a bottle of bubbly ready for you.  She will love being included in the process of choosing her diamond and designing a one of a kind ring as well as a memory that is priceless.

Custom Jewelry Designer Event

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